irMagician –
Infra Red Remote Controller

  • Introduction
    Internet appliance will be a big player soon. However, killer application is not appeared so far. Actually, we can turn – on an air-conditioner just before come back to the home. Easy to solve, only turn-on the air-conditioner with smart Infra-red remote controller. This page introduces the smart ir remote controller as irMagician.

  • irMagician overview
    irMagician is USB controller type infra-red remote controller. PIC-18F2550 is main controller for using it. CDC-ACM is used for making connection to major OSs such as Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

  • Motivation
    Several types of host controlled ir remote controller have being sold in market. However, several issues are existed.

    • Can not learn ir remote control signal for air conditioner
      The air conditioner remote controller creates signal which contains all of status. Therefore, very long signal was created.

    • Only one OS support
    • Not disclosed detail information. Further development can not be developed
    • Relatively expensive

    Counter measure for above issues and develop practical product

  • irMagician business model
    two ways

    1. BtoC
      Directly delivered to personal users. Users can create internet remote controller system with PC, NAS, Ras-pi and Galileo by user self.

    2. BtoB
      Access point and NAS manufactures use our solution.