• Overview
    Main components are

    • PIC18F26K22
    • L298N

    ,experimental PID control PCB for motors with encoders.

  • Features
    • Possible to PID-control for motor with encoder from Amazon and Aliexpress

      A lot of crawler basements are solved for robot experiment purpose.

    • Groovy-Family

      One cable connection to Groovy-IoT

    • Same mounting-holes position to Raspberry-Pi(a.k.a. RasPi), stackable !!

      RasPi is good solution for ROS baaed robot.

    • Open Source Software (OSS)

      Absolutely, you’d like to try your experimental in early-stage. We release sample code to OSS. You can download freely with Pickit3 (and compatible tools).

    • Options

      Heat sink for Power-Tr, 9-Axis sensor (by BOSCH).

    • Rich-Shell

      Integrated rich-shell (a.k.a. Micro-Shell). You can re-implement your own command freely and flexible.

  • Motivation

    Since, I have started to study ROS(Robot Operating System). Initially, I thought simple crawler basement is enough for this purpose. I found some suitable basements for the purpose. Those basements have motor with encoder, however suitable PID control boards are not sold in market. Ofcourse, I found several boards, Hmm. those are not suitable for me. I have decided to sell !!