• Back Ground

    As a big advantage is mobile-device, always connected to the Net. LTE is faster than ADSL, comfortable internet access as well. Light-weight device in your hand. Data down load on demand freely.

  • Motivation

    English is most important language in the net-age. Enough only browsing with in English news.

  • How to use
    Most effective use case with in English news site

    1. English news site (BBC etc.)

      You should copy unknown word, if you encountered on news site.

    2. Invoking ClouDic

      Start or return from back-ground proces

    3. Display translated word

      Display meaning of word

    4. Tweet

      You can tweet your searched word in any time.

    5. Word book

      Most remarkable feature is word book in ClouDic. Choose word, the select Translated in context menu.

    6. History

      You can confirm your searched words in history with last searched time and date, search count as well

    7. Detail display

      You can add memo.

  • News site
    ClouDic available new sites as below

    • BBC
    • Washington Post
    • Bloomberg
  • Download

    Coming soon