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  • Dear Macintosh User

    This issue is only OSx users. Other platform such as Windows, Linux are not related.

    • Notification
      Above OSx ver.10.4.1, irMagician can’t work on Apple’s CDC-ACM kext. Therefore, we use 10.4.11 kext which has been built on current development environment (as 10.9.2). Web-master has confirmed it works. However, could not guarantee 100%. Understand at your own risk to use.

      Detail of issue as below,

      1. Port open
      2. Write to port / Read from port
      3. Close

      After above, re-opne port then read / write. Not respond any.

    • Counter measure
      • Re-build 10.4.11 kext
        We recommend to replace re-built kext which has been released at OSx 10.4.1 to current kext.

        Down load CDCACM-kext for irMagician 10.4.1 rebuild

        1. Back up original kext

        2. Inflating re-build version
          Inflate downloaded re-built kext zip file to your convenience folder, three files will be inflated.

          • AppleUSBCDC.kext.10.4.1.tar.gz
          • AppleUSBCDCACMControl.kext.10.4.1.tar.gz
          • AppleUSBCDCACMData.kext.10.4.1.tar.gz

        3. Copy

        4. Replace

        5. Change ownder

        6. Reboot
          After above procedure, reboot.

      • Check changed
        Use kextstat command for checking current version of kext

    • Acknowledgement
      Thank to Y.I. as contributor.

    Thank you very much.