How to mount / Powerup

  • Mounting example
    irMagician is light and small. You can use various MicroUSB adapter for mounting.

    • Adapter and flexible cable
      • Using with PC
        Free angle adapter

      • Using with SBC (Small Board Computer) such as Ras-pi and Galileo

        Android device (Sony Mobile : SO-02E)

        Connected by CDC-ACM (which should be enabled in kernel driver) with mobile phone

      • Using with server and NAS
        Longer flexible cable

        Looks like tentacles. Freely adjust angle and direction as well.

  • Power up At your own risk
    • Longer distance
      Reduce register-R4 value. Current value is 33 Ohm. Web-master has tried to reduce 10 ohm. In mean time, Reset occurred (as voltage down) with longer signal playback.